by Welter

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released August 22, 2017

Performed by Welter
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Sean Bombz


all rights reserved



Welter Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New EP "GOLD" available now!

Welter has been a staple of the Philadelphia punk scene since 2010. In that time, the band has shared the stage with the likes of The Misfits, The Queers and Mischief Brew. They have released numerous LPs, EPs, splits and singles. Welter's snare drum was used by legendary Philadelphia punk act FOD from 2012-2015. ... more

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Track Name: Back to You
It'll come on back to you
it don't matter what you do
on the high road or the low, you'll reap just what you sow
it'll come on back to you

it'll come on back to you
its not funny but its true
on your person like a stain, the past it will remain
it'll come on back to you

Be careful with each choice that you make
cautious to avoid a mistake
the architecture of personal hell
the consequence could scare you witless
even if you've got no witness
and in the end its time itself that tells

it'll come on back to you
its not gone, just out of view
like the ripples in a pond, the past continues on
it'll come on back to you

Track Name: Mexican Flowers
Well there's times that I still wonder if you even cared at all
was it just a combination of our youth and alcohol
well now god knows we ain't saints and heaven knows I played my part
but you didn't have to drag me down here just to break my heart

Well I gave my heart and you let it go
I thought I died but I'm better though
I found you flowers in Mexico
But you don't love me anymore
no more

And I never had expected to be treated like a fool
but I never for a second thought the girl could be so cruel
and I really have to wonder if you got your birthday wish
when I found out at your party that I don't even exist

Track Name: Half
Ya know I left the song half-written
with the pages torn in two
too smart by half or just half-witted
I don't know what to make of you

I think you both could do much better
I don't know who's the better half
You're so divided up in letters
you don't know how to do the math

And this glass it looks halfway fuckin empty
and the hour it is half past way too late

Ya know it brings me no part pleasure
to say you weren't even half close
Ya only gave it half a measure
Ya shoulda used a fatal dose

Track Name: One Gig
We thought we'd start a band, we thought we'd be the best
the kind ya never heard but seen the name on back of vests
the best we could come up with was "Citizens' Arrest"
ya knew that we were punk from the way we were dressed

We thought that we would make it punk rock big
but we're so punk, we only lasted for one gig

We wrote a couple songs, they all went pretty fast
my older brother said that we were better than Crass
we thought that playin out was gonna be a blast
they said that we were headlining, they meant we were last

I swear to you, the whole system is rigged
yea we're so punk, we only lasted for one gig

I handed out a flier to everyone I know
but wouldn't you believe it - not a single one showed
I asked if we got paid, the bartender said "no,
but don't you boys forget to settle up 'fore ya go"

I flipped him off, said "hey, its punk ya dick!"
yea we're so punk, we only lasted for one gig

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