Not Enough People Do Three​-​Ways [SPLIT]

by Welter

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The Art Is Not Dead Records Presents:

Not Enough People Do Three-Ways: Volume 1

Featuring: Science Club, Welter and Readership

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Brian Dougherty

Get the whole album free here:


released August 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Welter Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New split "Not Enough People Do Three-Ways" available now!

Welter has been a staple of the Philadelphia punk scene since 2010. In that time, the band has shared the stage with the likes of The Misfits, The Queers and Mischief Brew. They have released numerous LPs, EPs, splits and singles. Welter's snare drum was used by legendary Philadelphia punk act FOD from 2012-2015. ... more

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Track Name: Executrix
Driving on the highway with my hands upon the wheel
a voice tells me to just let go and say that its been real

And I don't think that I can shake it
from a mind that's full of death wishes
so babe if I don't make it well,
won't you be my executrix? (4X)

I can hear the sidewalk's song from thirteen stories up
I can't tune out the melody that's crying for my blood



Track Name: 7 Years Bad Luck

7 years bad luck
7 years bad luck
Trying to get out from under 7 years bad luck

Don't quite know how long its been - it feels like its been years
Don't quite know exactly how it started
Somewhere along the line I must have broke a couple mirrors
black cat crossed my path and off it darted


I been hanging horseshoes, polishing my knocking wood
Collecting face up coins and four leaf clovers
Sitting here just rubbing on my lucky rabbit's foot
with fingers crossed until this thing is over

Track Name: Civil War Reenactor

Civil war reenactor
Not quite sure what you're after
Thought we settled all of that so long ago...
Civil war reenactor
Still a sore loser after
Thought we left it in the past so long ago...

And you say that its not prejudice
Its just the pride of the Confederates
And that don't seem so white supremacist...


And you're never learning from the past
So you're doomed to repeat history class
And at this rate you're never going to pass...

Track Name: Idiot Check
One thing my band told me I'm not soon to forget
Don't ever forget to do an idiot check
Before the load out's over, there is one final step
Don't ever forget to do an idiot check


An idiot check, an idiot check
Don't ever forget to do an idiot check

Saves hours of frustration and only takes a sec
Don't ever forget to do an idiot check
Go back in the club and take a moment to inspect
Don't ever forget to do an idiot check


It's worth being wrong nine times the one time you're correct
Don't ever forget to do an idiot check
It's usually the last thing that you'd ever expect
Don't ever forget to do an idiot check

Track Name: Rockstar
I do believe you don't perceive how lame you really are
like you're the one man qualified to strap on a guitar
and you've got access to some gift the rest of us can't reach
or skills so far advanced it'd be a waste of time to teach


I never thought that it would come to this,
I never thought you'd go this far
Rockstar (4X)

I do believe you don't perceive I wish you'd disappear
You're capable of anything that furthers your career
Like its your golden ticket or how its your hidden key
to save you from a lifetime's work in anonymity